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Happy Fall!

Fall brings more changes to the VSC website. The photo album feature is now up and running, so please post pictures of events you are having at your center or school! We would love to see what sorts of activities our partners and your kids are involved with. The finishing touches are being put on the Imaginarium and Louisville Science Center websites, and they will soon be up and running as well.

The final two webisodes are being filmed and will be posted shortly. As our exhibits change, we are excited for the new Circus exhibit to open. We are hopeful that the VSC will be continued and we can bring your webisodes featuring the new Circus exhibit and all its space science ties.

Space Center Houston's distance learning program has gone even more international! We are now a featured electronic field trip in New South Wales, Australia! We connect with Australian grade school students several times a week to talk with them about our programs.

Please let us know what is going on in your own classroom or science center.  If you are a student, please also let us know what other things you would like to see on this site! Happy Fall everyone!