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January 26 All Partner Teleconference

Today's teleconference was very helpful, as far as knowing what is expected and how to proceed.  I am thrilled to be part of this community, and thankful to have great NASA resources and opportunities made available to us as a result of our participation.  Jason asked that each of the Virtual Space Community state partners introduce themselves here and tell what our connection is to Space Center Houston.  I am an Instructional Technology Support Specialist in the Horseheads Central School District in Horseheads, New York.  I got to know Patricia Moore at Space Center Houston several years ago, as our district does a very large number of K-12 videoconferences with content providers every school year.  For several years now I have been calling Patricia regularly to schedule programs for our students, and she and I just seemed to "jive".  She then contacted me last June ('09) to ask if I would be interested in becoming involved in the Virtual Space Community endeavor.  I'm glad it worked out! 0 Comments